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FLO is a Learning Management System plug-in that interfaces with the major LMS platforms. Through Optical Character Recognition (OCR), FLO accesses necessary data from the LMS and class syllabi to provide a simple and easy to use digital classroom experience. FLO empowers professors and students to effortlessly communicate, strengthening the structure of higher education.

What is FLO?

FLO is a Learning Management System plug-in that integrates with all major the LMS platforms. FLO implements a closed social network to allow students and professors to comfortably interact. In addition, FLO specializes in automating class syllabi through Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Through the picture of a syllabus, all vital class information is gathered and populated throughout the app. This allows students and professors to archive each class through audio recordings, images, and videos. FLO compliments LMS by transforming cumbersome functions into a simple and engaging platform for both professors and students, enhancing academic success.


  • Convenient Syllabus Automation

    With just a quick snapshot of the class schedule, all assignments and important dates will be populated throughout the app. For every class, both students and professors can capture an audio recording that is archived under the lesson name for the day. FLO builds a library of class notes and resources.

  • Inclusive Group Chat

    Students have access to a closed group chat with their classmates and professors. This applies for every class on their schedule. Questions about an assignment? Students can post on the group chat, and collaborate with their peers and professor to get to the solution. This group creates an open community where questions are no longer hindered by time constraints or shyness to speak in person, and professors can provide the extra support their students need to stay on track throughout the semester.

  • Tailor-Made Notifications

    Sometimes memory is a bigger enemy to success than actual work ethic. Students will be notified of upcoming exams, quizzes, projects, papers, and homework in real-time. Students will no longer miss an assignment or find themselves unprepared for a test simply because they weren’t aware.



The first week of every semester leaves students with information overload in the form of syllabi. FLO auto-populates due dates, quizzes, tests, and even professor office hours into a calendar and news feed that can be instantly updated by the professor as needed.


Audio and notes from every lecture can be archived by date and topic. Preparation for those cringe-worthy comprehensive exams can now be supported by comprehensive multimedia study materials.


The classroom setting is limited. FLO provides an academic social network for students to lean on their professors and peers via group chats for each class. The door is always open for lecture clarification, homework hints, and everything else that could not be accomplished in the classroom.

How FLO works?


Simple, interactive, and efficient! 

  • Install the app

    Now available in the Apple Store and Google Play

  • Setup your profile

    Log-in with school credentials

  • Upload Syllabus

    Take an image of the class syllabus

“The development of eLearning resources has been at the center of my career for over three decades and the innovation that FLO offers is by far the most engaging and easy-to-use extension of teaching and learning beyond the classroom."

Sidney Beitler, Ed.S.

Director, eLearning

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