Achieve a 30%

Backed by an 80% increase in engagement, this holistic approach addresses low engagement in academics and more, ushering significant improvements across a range of student metrics other than just graduation rates.

a 30%

Backed by an 80% increase in engagement, this holistic approach addresses low engagement in academics and more, ushering significant improvements across a range of student metrics other than just graduation rates.

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Addressing the Crisis

In the realm of education, both secondary and higher institutions face pressing challenges that impact student achievement and institutional vitality.

These concerns are further amplified by the risks associated with third-party applications, underscoring the critical need for a secure and comprehensive solution.

Aligned with this imperative, elevating student outcomes stands as a paramount goal for all institutions. The key factors influencing these outcomes include the absence of interpersonal connections, real-time feedback, and self-motivation, as consistently highlighted by research.

It is for this very reason that Flo-Ops stands as a unified and secure platform, bridging academia, social interactions, and extracurricular activities to create engaged, motivated, and secure learners across educational stages.

Elevating Engagement at South University


South University witnessed a remarkable 43% spike in engagement at its writing center, a direct result of our platform’s seamless integration within an online psychology class and the academic center, leading to notable 33% grade improvements reported by newly participating and actively engaged students.


With 40% daily student engagement on our app, facilitated by secure chats, file sharing, and timely notifications for assignments, workshops, and academic support, a significant 30% increase in online engagement from academic center workshops.


Our survey demonstrated that 80% of students felt more connected with peers and professors in classes and the academic center, effectively addressing distance learning isolation, resulting in no withdrawals from the class, in contrast to 3 dropouts the previous semester.

Special Education Grade Advancement at Tewksbury Memorial High School


Tewksbury Memorial High School’s Special Education Department engaged in a case study with 12 students, 6 of whom were at risk of failing. Through the utilization of Flo-Ops, all students successfully graduated.

Survey Insights

The post survey revealed, the most favored feature among students and educators was the chat function, enabling instant feedback and notifications to effortlessly stay informed about assignment due dates/task, and real-time changes.

How Flo-Ops works?

Seamless LMS Integration

Elevate your education journey with Flo-Ops by seamlessly integrating it into your existing LMS, a versatile solution for traditional, distance, and hybrid learning. This integration brings your entire academic experience under one roof, effortlessly consolidating course information, enrollments, modules, discussions, and assignments within our user-friendly app. Beyond academics, Flo-Ops extends its scope to encompass essential dates related to your social life and the wealth of educational resources your institution offers.

Stay informed not just about courses, but also about a wide range of non-academic activities. Athletic schedules, club meetings, workshops organized by the academic and career centers—Flo-Ops keeps you in the loop with personalized notifications that guide you to our synced newsfeed. Seamlessly linked to our internal calendar, the newsfeed ensures you’re always aware of what’s ahead.

Streamline Academic Support

In the realm of education, Flo-Ops emerges as a transformative force, catering to traditional, distance, and hybrid learning environments. Educators find unprecedented flexibility in using their existing LMS or effortlessly refining assignments and adding modules through our app’s swift read/write capabilities. Imagine uploading a file into the LMS—Flo-Ops seamlessly transfers it into the corresponding files section, neatly organized within the module.

However, the true innovation lies in fostering collaboration and community engagement. As students share their notes and submissions within the module, the entire class gains access to this knowledge hub. This spirit of shared learning extends beyond academics, encompassing social and educational resources. Whether it’s an event flyer from a club, a presentation from a workshop, or a video recording of an athletic game, Flo-Ops makes everything conveniently accessible through your phone. Elevate engagement, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing with Flo-Ops—where seamless integration meets enriched learning in any educational journey.

Privacy and Security Assurance

Flo-Ops prioritizes community engagement through closed group chats, meticulously tailored for academic and non-academic realms, eliminating the need for unapproved third-party applications and enhancing privacy and security. Acting as a centralized hub, our platform enables discussions among educators while providing a confidential avenue for students to address concerns. This environment fosters real-time feedback, ensuring students receive the crucial support they need to thrive. We are dedicated to creating a safe, inclusive, and empowering space for educators and students alike.

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