Students absolutely can use their learning management system, but it’s been proven that these systems are ineffective when it comes to helping students improve their executive functioning skills. 

Many learning management systems cause overwhelm for students as they’re managing different classes at the middle and high school level. Each teacher has their own unique expectations. Students receive emailed notifications when there’s a new assignment, but it’s not populating onto their phone’s calendar and sending push notifications of upcoming assignments, tests, or quizzes. Not only that, these learning management systems don’t integrate into students’ lives. Students participate in many after school activities like band rehearsals, sports practices, and clubs. Learning management systems don’t account for these after school activities, and it can’t remind students of these things and help them to prioritize their time.

We at FLO-OPS, LLC, take privacy and our obligation to protect your information very seriously. Our aim is to improve as much as possible the learning experience for students, teachers, and professors of all ages and backgrounds. Any personal information we collect is used toward that specific aim and no other. We do not monetize your data, we do not and will not sell or rent your data to third parties. Flo-Ops is encrypted and more than happy to provide a PAT test to any institution.

For more info: https://flo-ops.com/site/policy/ 

Flo-Ops is a B2B platform selling to institutions, non-profits, tutoring centers, online course providers, and sport leagues. The yearly cost per user is based on the total amount of users. For more information, book a free demo to talk about your organization’s’ needs.

Flo-Ops has a dashboard that allows teachers, advisors, coaches, student admin of clubs, and even non-profits to self generate the groups into the platform. The dashboard is web based and allows for the admin to

Through LTI and Rest APIs integration Flo-Ops is able to 

Read/write from the LMS:

Class Dates
Class Topic
Due Dates
Office Hours
Submit Assignments
Only Read from the SIS:
Cumulative Grade
Assignment Grades
APIs can be tailored to the institutions needs. Also more than one LMS can integrate into Flo-Ops. For example, in the instance a dual enrollment student is using a different LMS at his high school and college. 

While we’d love to offer Flo-Ops on an individual basis, it only works at a school-wide or district level. That’s because it needs to integrate with the established learning management systems that are already in place.

Flo-Ops goal is to provide a holistic solution. Schools already have an established relationships with local non-profits. However communication can be sensitive due to the district policies. Therefore Flo-Ops acts as the middle man, allowing the organization to connect with the educators in a secure platform that can be monitored by both parties. The organization will only interact with educators to inform the of upcoming events, or workshops taking place. Flo-Ops also work on making the schools aware of organizations that would benefit the staff and students. 

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