Flo-Ops is a proud sponsor of the International WeLoveU Foundation Chromebook donation campaign aiming to bridge the digital divide in Miami Dade County Public Schools

International WeLoveU Foundation hands out hundreds of free laptops at 3 local schools

Flo-Ops donates several Chromebook to the International WeloveU Foundation Closing the Homework Gap campaign. On Thursday, April 6, 2023 volunteers of the International WeLoveU Foundation donated 225 Chromebooks to students in three Title 1 schools in Miami-Dade County.

  • Miami Beach Fienberg/Fisher K-8
  • Brownsville Middle School
  • Robert Russa Moton Elementary School


The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation raised funds to support education in the cause of bridging the digital divide with the goal of improving academic achievement for all. One in four teens in low-income households in the United States does not have a computer in their home. With the donated Chromebooks, the International WeLoveU Foundation helped equip 225 students with a much-needed tool on the road to success.


“It means that our kids will be able to have that all the way through middle school, moving on to high school, and all the way to college, where we expect them all to go,” said Fienberg-Fisher K-8 Center principal Maria Costa, 

Former 2x NBA Champion player (Former Laker), Josh Powell, and Bernie (Miami Heat Mascot) were in attendance for the distribution of the Chromebook at Miami Beach Fienberg/Fisher K-8, and Brownsville Middle School.  Former Laker, Josh Powell, emphasized, in his speech, on the mission of WeloveU how a Mother’s love can change the world. “Love brought us all here so that we could be here for you all. Love is going to help you all as you continue to move forward in your journey,” said Powell. “If it wasn’t for people like your teachers if it wasn’t for organizations that came to help out, I wouldn’t have gotten very far, so make sure that we show each other love, that we’re super appreciative.”