How Flo-Ops Solves Dropout Rates in Distance Learning Programs


Distance learning has become increasingly crucial in higher education, particularly with the COVID-19 pandemic and changing learning behaviors among students. However, online education faces a significant challenge when it comes to student engagement, resulting in an alarming dropout rate of around 50%. This not only affects students but also poses financial losses for institutions and performance-based funding concerns for higher education administrators. To tackle this crisis head-on, Flo-Ops offers a comprehensive solution that directly addresses low engagement and dropout rates in distance learning programs.

Recognizing this crisis, Flo-Ops has emerged as a transformative solution for Student Retention that directly addresses low engagement in higher education distance learning programs. Unlike other solutions that focus solely on graduation rates, Flo-Ops’ holistic approach offers a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique challenges faced in the realm of distance learning.

Here’s how Flo-Ops is addressing the dropout crisis:

  1. Elevating Engagement and Promoting Student Success

    One of the key factors driving dropout rates in distance learning programs is a lack of interpersonal connections and real-time feedback. Flo-Ops combats this through promoting student interaction and engagement in a secure and easy-to-use environment. The app facilitates secure chats, file-sharing, and timely notifications for assignments, workshops, and academic support to ensure that students feel supported as well as connected with peers and faculty members.

  2. Seamless LMS Integration
    Flo-Ops is designed to support traditional, hybrid, and distance learning environments. Its integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS) is simple to use and offers exceptional flexibility for educational institutions. It bridges academic assignments, modules, and discussions, as well as non-academic dates and activities such as athletic schedules and club meetings, within a single, user-friendly app. The app keeps all academic and non-academic activities organized, accessible, and in-sync, ensuring that students can receive notifications and access resources easily.
  3. Streamline Academic Support
    Flo-Ops’ read-write capabilities further reduce the complexity of managing distance learning environments, enabling educators to upload files and refine assignments directly through the app. Additionally, students can share their notes and submissions within the module, creating a knowledge hub that enables collaboration and knowledge-sharing across the entire class.
  4. Safe and Secure Environment
    Flo-Ops maintains a secure environment by prioritizing community engagement through closed group chats tailored for academic and non-academic realms, enhancing privacy and security. Discussions among educators are facilitated in a confidential manner, while students can address their concerns and receive real-time feedback in a secure environment.

The benefits of Flo-Ops have been demonstrated in institutions such as South University, which witnessed a remarkable 43% spike in engagement at its writing center due to the platform’s seamless integration within an online psychology class. The academic center reported a notable 33% grade improvement from newly participating and actively engaged students. Flo-Ops increased the students’ engagement by 40% daily, with a 30% increase in online engagement from academic center workshops. A survey conducted to test the effectiveness of Flo-Ops usage demonstrated that 80% of students felt more connected with peers and professors in classes and the academic center, resulting in no withdrawals from the class, as opposed to three dropout cases the previous semester.

Institutions using Flo-Ops not only benefit from real-time results but also save millions of dollars annually. Flo-Ops’ transformative solution can help improve drop-out rates based on the pilot program we did for South University, resulting in significant improvements across a range of student metrics other than just graduation rates.

As the crisis of dropout rates continues to impact colleges and universities, Flo-Ops’ solution has emerged as a holistic approach to address low engagement and improve the rates of success for students in learning environments. The transformative solution tailored to the needs of students, as well as the unique challenges faced in the realm of distance learning, addresses critical concerns such as dropout rates to ensure that higher education institutions are supportive and successful for both institutions and the student community.

The platform bridges academia, student social interactions, and extracurricular activities, and it addresses pressing issues such as dropout rates and financial losses. To learn more about Flo-Ops and how our platform can support your institution, book a discovery call today.