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Maximize graduation rates with enhanced social activities and support services

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Seamless LMS Integration

Elevate your student with Flo-Ops by seamlessly integrating it with your current LMS. Effortlessly unite course details, discussions, assignments, practices, game schedules, study hall sessions and even social events within our intuitive app, while also tapping into an array of educational resources.

Streamline Academic Support

Promote collaboration and community engagement via shared notes and module submissions, forming a knowledge hub that spans both academics and social/educational resources. Elevate engagement, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing through Flo-Ops, uniting seamless integration with enriched learning for a comprehensive experience.

Privacy and Security Assurance

Flo-Ops prioritizes community engagement through tailored closed group chats, ensuring privacy and security by eliminating third-party apps. Serving as a hub, our platform fosters educator/coach collaboration and offers student-athletes a confidential space for real-time feedback, creating an empowered, inclusive environment.

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