Terms and


Through the LMS integration. All assignments and important dates will be populated throughout the app. For every class, both students and professors can capture an audio recording that is archived under the lesson name for the day. Flo-Ops builds a library of class notes and resources. Flo-Ops also integrates with your extracurricular activities and partners with local non-profits to engage students with the ongoing events in the non-academic community.

Inclusive Group Chat

Students have access to a closed group chat with their classmates and professors. This applies for every class and club on their schedule. Questions about an assignment? Students can post on the group chat, and collaborate with their peers and professor to get to the solution. This group creates an open community where questions are no longer hindered by time constraints or shyness to speak in person, and professors can provide the extra support their students need to stay on track throughout the semester.

Tailor-Made Notifications

Sometimes memory is a bigger enemy to success than actual work ethic. Students will be notified of upcoming exams, quizzes, projects, papers, and homework in real-time. Students will no longer miss an assignment or find themselves unprepared for a test simply because they were unaware.

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